28 December 2022 ~ 0 Comments

Credit Unions, Big 5+1 Banks, or a “B” Lender. Where should you go for a mortgage?

As Canadians we are very lucky to have multiples of choices when it comes to getting a mortgage. Many of the questions I’m often asked, is where should I go for financing?

The answer as you can imagine isn’t plain black or white. Variables such as employment type, credit risk, work experience, debt ratios and more, all can make one lender a better fit for a borrower than another.

Even which route you take at the application stage can vary in whether you are better suited to deal with one of the Big Banks directly or working with a mortgage broker. 

Even if you went a certain route on your first home purchase or an investment property and are now moving up, it may be beneficial to review your options before reaching out to the last/current lender you used. 

Everyone’s path to obtaining financing is unique in most ways so exploring which option is best suited for you and your overall financial plan, should not be taken lightly. 

A Realtor’s job can be likened to that of a pilot flying a plane. Getting you safely from point A to point B, while utilizing the expertise of ancillary personnel, is a routine part of our job. 

As we head into 2023 if you are contemplating making a move, or have any questions regarding your financing and what may be a good option, I’m happy to be of help. 

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