10 September 2022 ~ 0 Comments

If the real estate market is dead, why are sales still happening?

I often make note of the “herd mentality” that surrounds real estate buyers. Meaning, that the majority of buyers follow the general trends of the market, more than their individual needs. Unless of course, the move is purely lifestyle driven.
What is lifestyle driven? Situations that come about in life that don’t or can’t wait for the market to dictate a sale or purchase. Death, job relocation, growing family and divorce are a few. The loss of a job could also make it necessary to sell.
Then there are also the outliers as I like to refer to. The ones who want to take advantage of the opportunity to maybe move up from their current property, into a more suitable place. This can be extremely beneficial as these buyers typically face little to no competition on the buy side, and can inset terms or conditions into the offer that wouldn’t be accepted in a hot market.
There is no right or wrong, as at the end of the day, your individual life circumstance and comfort level are what’s truly important. Some people find comfort in moving with the herd. It’s safe and potentially less stressful (although I would argue otherwise). If you have any doubt reflect on this. The herd has been moving the real estate market for the past 15 years. Has it been stress free as a buyer?
If moving is on your mind, reach out as I’m happy to discuss your options and give you information that can help in your decision. 

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