17 May 2021 ~ 0 Comments

Who else misses the spring Home Show?

This past weekend I had a few hours to pass and to take advantage of the really nice weather we were having in Toronto, I decided to step out onto my balcony and give my windows a good cleaning. 

This twice a year routine is made easier by this window washing squeegee kit I purchased about five years ago at the Toronto Home Show. 

At the time I wasn’t sure the $85 price tag was worth it, or would it become another contraption collecting dust in a closet or my storage locker. Well, I can honestly say after five years of using it multiple times, I couldn’t live without it! It does wonders on cleaning the windows and cuts the time down greatly. 

It got me thinking of some of the other things I had picked up over the years at the show. Like the portable electric heater that has come in handy often during covid, as I sit out on my balcony social distancing with friends. I’m still getting great enjoyment using the T.V. and surround sound bar and sub woofer from the 2016 show. Thinking back, I’ve done quite well on my visits to the home show. 

Have you ever made any purchases while visiting the show, and if so, what? And do you miss it? Will it ever be the same post covid? I sure hope so. Oh ya, two of the times that we actually went to the show to specifically purchase items, such as a handy Andrew Richard designs deck storage box and a Weber gas BBQ, are now currently being enjoyed by others, along with a few other items no longer suitable with our current spaces.

Hopefully I will see you at the 2022 Toronto Home Show? I sure hope so. I’m excited to see what other cool gadgets are out there to buy and try. 

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