How To Invest in Real Estate the Right Way.

It’s of no secret to anyone that knows me, that I am a huge fan and advocate for investing in real estate as a future wealth builder.

My very first investment property was a joint venture with four friends, all of us chipping in a modest amount equally to cover enough for a 10% down payment and closing costs on a semi-detached home on Spadina Road in Toronto.

I still remember the day we firmed up our purchase, it was December 24th, 1997. Merry Christmas to us! And what an amazing gift this start in investing in real estate turned out to be.

Our initial modest start has done us all, and although we no longer hold any shared investment properties together today, we all learned the true value and power of real estate as a wealth builder.

Over the years I have presented the benefits of investing in real estate to countless clients, friends, family and even other real estate agents. It’s really become a passion of mine and one in which I’m always happy to share my successes about.

And from what I have gathered, the most common stumbling block on getting started, is the simple point on “where do I start?”

For the high majority, I truly believe there are multiple ways to get started. The very first step is to assess “which type of investor” do you want to be? This may seem like a simple enough question, but when I walk my clients through this process, a deeper sense of self discovery often emerges.

For the sake of not making this a novel about investing, let’s just say that once we cover all of the potential areas regarding investing, and then the pros and cons of the narrowed few, a clearer picture presents itself and it is from there that we can craft a blueprint for their investing success.

Investing in real estate the “right way” is all about making sure your chosen investment path is not only financially sound, but one that also suits your personality, beliefs and lifestyle.

Today, we have vast amounts of information floating throughout internet clouds on how you should invest in real estate. My advice would be to make sure that where you gather your information is not only a valid and trustworthy source, but advice that relates to you as an individual and is both practical and applicable to you and where you want to invest.

I would be happy to discuss my thoughts and feelings on the topic, and to share my path on what’s contributed largely to my wealth. Investing in Real Estate has truly been an amazing gift to me, and one that continues to offer opportunity and wealth in times of uncertainty. It can do this for you as well.

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