TREB still arguing “OFSI Stress Test” impacting market

As we head into the normally crazy active spring market in Toronto, the Toronto Real Estate Board recently sent out notice to its members through its April Market stats newsletter, giving perspective to why sales activity is down about one percent from March 2018.

“The OSFI stress test continues to impact home buyers’ ability to qualify for a mortgage. TREB is still arguing that the stress test provisions and mortgage lending guidelines generally, including allowable amortization periods for insured mortgages, should be reviewed. The supply of listings in the GTA also remains a problem. Bringing a greater diversity of ownership and rental housing online, including ‘missing middle’ home types, should be a priority of all levels of government. TREB is happy to be taking part in the City of Toronto’s consultations for the Housing TO – 2020-2030 Action Plan, and will certainly be raising the supply issue during these discussions,” said Mr. Bhaura, the TREB President.

“While the City of Toronto’s recently announced Housing TO – 2020-2030 Action Plan is exciting and commendable and TREB looks forward to contributing solutions as a Member of the External Advisory Committee, the recently proposed increase to the Municipal Land Transfer Tax on higher priced properties is problematic. As the recent City budget process showed, the MLTT is not a sustainable revenue source from which to fund municipal programs. On top of this, additional MLTT on higher priced homes could have a trickle-down effect on the supply of homes throughout the housing price continuum,” said TREB CEO John Di Michele.

I’ve been saying for at least the past two years, that we have a housing inventory shortage in Toronto. Plain and simple, meaning that there is more demand than supply for most housing types.

This doesn’t necessarily translate into educated Buyers paying “any price” for property. Moreso, that well priced property in good locations, condition and in demand, will see either quickly or within a reasonable time period for that area.

Hopefully the attention the provincial government alongside that of municipal government, the needed action will taken that organizations like TREB and its members have been saying for years, we need more supply.

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