It could become easier for single income and first time buyers in Toronto.

It might soon become easier for first time buyers to enter the hot Toronto real estate market.

With an election looming and the government needing a distraction away from ‘Yogi Trudeau’ and the fiasco currently at hand, the government is considering bending on it’s toughened housing policies.

I’ve spoken previously how in its attempt to cool an out of control housing market in Toronto, the government put restrictions in place which mainly affected first time buyers and buyers with single incomes.

What’s going on in Toronto’s rental market¬†and Toronto Mayor Tory now ready to tackle city affordable housing speak to how unaffordable its become to be a single income or first time buyer in Toronto.

But this soon could change. With pressure being applied from numerous organizations, the federal Liberals are contemplating an easing on the stress tests and amortization lengths that have along with rent controls, pretty much made it impossible for only the super wealthy to own property.

If implemented correctly (meaning its target is to help those mentioned above and not deep pocketed investors) I think this could be a good thing for buyers.

Afterall, there really should be more than one choice when it comes to living accomodations. For some it’s better to rent, and for some it’s better to buy. Let’s let the consumer decide which they prefer.

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