Sellers – Do you know that you need to sell your home three times?

If you are one of the lucky few who are selling a property these days, be prepared for the potential for some hiccups along the way until closing day.

Now before any anxiety starts to set in, I will note that almost always, hiccups can happen along the way between the day you have excitedly sold your property in a crazy bidding war right up until the lawyer hands you over your money on the scheduled day of close.

Working feverishly behind the scenes are both the real estate agents representing the Buyer and Seller, as well as both parties Lawyers. All are committed to mutually making a seamless process and satisfied clients.

When I’m on the selling side I will tell my clients, we need to sell your home three times in total. This is where a smile turns into a curious frown most of the time. What do you mean three times??

Well, the first time will be when we receive an offer on your home. The second time will be when the lender for the Buyer sends in their appraiser. The third time is actually on the close date.

All three are tied together and almost always, we have a smooth landing come the closing date. Some turbulence will happen along the way, it always does, and if you are working with professionally committed Realtors and Lawyers, in the end we will have two satisfied parties.

So rest comfortably knowing that while you are out shopping for new furniture or window coverings, behind the scenes your team of competent professionals are working tirelessly to ensure a smooth landing.

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