Toronto Real Estate Board does away with weekly and mid month statistics – Why??

Recently TREB did away with its reporting on weekly and mid month statistics, and they did so with very little explanation to it’s members.

TREB’s official posted explanation on our member website was “These intra-month statistics are more susceptible to volatility, and are not necessarily reflective of the monthly and quarterly market activity TREB captures and reports in its suite of reports, including the monthly¬†Market Watch¬†publication.”

That’s it. All of a sudden we are in a market with uncertainty, and our Realtor board decides to do away with information, that personally, I found quite helpful. Yes, it was a singular tool in a box composed of many, but still, it was of value when needed. And if was so susceptible to volatility, why only are they cancelling its use?

In an environment where providing relevant and timely data is of premium importance, cutting off a branch from the tree doesn’t help the very so members who pay costly dues to operate the real estate board. This is yet another example of TREB being out of touch with its memberships needs. I mean, come on, at least put up a poll and see what the members think?


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