14 November 2016 ~ 0 Comments

I’m Moving to Ireland to Live in a Castle!

With the United States election finally behind us, many have posted the question, “where can those who want to flee from the land of the free, under a Donald Trump regime, go?”

Well, for starters, the entire world is becoming a lot less friendly with fewer options to live in. With England and their Brexit vote, not as much of an option for our American friends to the south.

Canada gets much talk and on the surface, it makes a lot of sense given our close proximity. On election night, Canada’s immigration website actually crashed (or was taken offline depending on who you listen too ☺), with hoards of Americans looking to flee. Snoop Dogg, you are always welcome. Kanye? Sorry, we’re full. In reality, I don’t think we will see many Americans come north for a few reasons…

One, Toronto and Vancouver are very expensive markets to live in – costlier than most American markets. Vancouver has added a 15% foreign buyer tax, which is pretty much Canada’s version of a wall. The high cost of housing, food, transit, and taxes make Toronto a non-starter for many. The east coast is an option, but unlikely. I think that the most logical choice would be Montreal. Known for its world-renowned culture, affordability (although ask a native about this and you will be scoffed at), and thriving metropolis – but, with some pretty serious political issues of its own.

How about Ireland? The gateway to Europe I recently read has Castles for sale starting from $1.35 million (U.S.) to $4.95 million (U.S.) A Castle sounds nice! Of course with Brexit you may see an increase of ex-pats returning but imagine what it would be like to throw a massive “castle party”! This, I could get excited about! Oh, wait. It’s Americans looking to flee, not Canadians. Now, back to reality.

Australia and New Zealand are both beautiful places to live… If you have mountains of cash! You would certainly get pretty far away from having to watch Ivanka, Eric, and Don Jr. help Dad with his “transition” planning. Who would have thought years of sitting around the boardroom table-practicing saying, “you’re fired” to C level celebs may come in handy.

So where does this leave the many Americans who want to flee the United States for something better? You tell me. I’m sure we all feel our Countries are the greatest places on earth to live in. I think that when the dust settles, very few will choose to relocate as the options abroad are tough at best. Maybe better to just stay put, and be the change you wish to see.

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