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The Value of Continuous Learning

Some of you know that I recently returned from San Diego after attending yet another training and learning session. I write ‘yet another’ as from time to time, I’ve been asked by some friends and colleagues: why after 20 years of being a successful Realtor do I still go to such events? What else is there for me to learn? My usual response is this: I learn plenty! Read on and I will explain why for myself, I would not use the services today of ANY professional that isn’t committed to continuous learning!

For starters, I believe that in the world we live in today, with such ease to information (and much misinformation) there is always something of value to learn. While I haven’t attended more basic levels of education in many years, I have over the past 15 years attended conferences, coaching, training, and educational sessions on a variety of real estate, business and personal matters (note: each and every one of these are completely different) that are both of value to me and the clients I serve.

Amongst the sphere of professionals whom I interact with – brokers and Realtors from within my brokerage as well as outside of it, lawyers, mortgage professionals, financial planners and condominium boards, I am often sought out for my opinions on the real estate industry. I typically stay away from media requests for my own personal reasons, but I am committed in doing my part to raise the bar of my profession in ways that I can.

Commitment to learning is not cheap. We are all aware of the expense of higher learning. With the amount I have invested in my growth I am certain I could have bought 2-3 MBA’s, but this is life as we know it today.

In my industry alone, there have been more advancements and changes in the past 3 years than there have been over the previous 50 years! Digest that for a moment and then look around at what industry you are in. How and what will it look like 3 years from now?

Is all change good? Relevant? I don’t think so. But gaining an informed opinion through access to more than one side, I have personally found to be invaluable. And adding value is what we do. Without this, we are average. In an ever-competitive world where average can be replaced easily and inexpensively in most fields of work, what are you doing to become irreplaceable?

Now is the time to act on it! Change isn’t easy, I’ll be the first to admit that. I recently went through a business change that was solely based on going from successful to significant. A change that most people I know possibly won’t even notice, but I am committed to being invaluable to those that I serve and who depend on me.

No one succeeds alone. All success comes with the help of others. I’m always here for you and happy to share my thoughts if interested – just reach out!

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  1. Connie CR 22 August 2016 at Permalink

    As your wife, I know how true your statement is about your commitment to continuous learning. I live with it – when you’re not home, I hear about it – when you speak passionately about what you’ve taken away or learned, I see it – when you’re able to add greater value to your clients and I know others feel it when you elevate everyone around you – including me.

    I’m glad and honoured you included me to join you in the last conference and in speaking with other real estate professionals, it’s apparent that they view you in high regards as a expert and mentor. Proud of you, never stop learning and let’s continue to grow together!

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