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Should I List My Property Now, Or Wait Until It’s Perfect To Show?

Sellers often wonder whether they should list their property as is, or wait until it’s ideal to show. In my opinion, this depends various factors: is the demand very high currently for your type of house, condo or loft? Is there limited supply in the market of comparable properties that will be competing with you for coveted buyers? Where are we in the yearly sales cycle? Considering these factors that can help us decide what is the best strategy for you when it comes to putting your home up for sale.

There are numerous components that come into play when it comes to deciding when the right time is, and the way to present your property for sale. Not every house, condo or loft has to have that HGTV glitter and glam.

There are circumstances where it might be in your best interest to hit the market 85% to 90% done!

As a real estate agent who mainly works exclusively by referral or with repeat (past) clients, I’m often consulting with my clients on maximizing their bottom line when it comes to the amount of money they are going to net from the sale of their home.

Each and every consultation is different as no two selling situations are the same. The problem today is that most agents and sellers are brainwashed to take the same approach when it comes to selling – from home prep, staging, open houses (both weekend and evening meet-and-greets), right down to furniture types and placement… So cookie-cutter! But our homes are anything but cookie cutter! Our homes are meant to be individual expression of our personalities. Admittedly, some personalities are in need of tweaking, and this is discussed on an individual basis.

Having a thorough understanding of who your target market (buyer types) are will certainly help you net the most amount of money, with the least amount of inconvenience to you (the seller), and a reasonable time frame that best suits your needs.

Are you ready for an individualized home selling experience? Contact me to set up a personal consultation.

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