14 October 2015 ~ 0 Comments

Toronto Traffic Will Hurt Real Estate Values

Toronto’s mayor John Tory recently announced another “blitz” targeted towards illegal parking during rush hour in Toronto’s downtown core. October 5th, my birthday, is the big day of reckoning to solve our traffic woes. Thanks John for the heads-up, wink-wink!!

There are so many things wrong with Tory’s Band-Aid approach in which he thinks is the cause of road congestion downtown.

More cyclists on the roads, more people living downtown, more cars on the road, more pedestrians on the streets, non-threatening parking fines, and finally my biggest pet peeve, poor planning on development projects and special events. This is why traffic sucks everywhere you go!

Whew! What a list. Add to this ignorant drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians who all now act like anything they want goes.

Its cheaper to park illegally, get a ticket, fight said ticket and either pay nothing at all or maybe 25% of the value, then to find a parking space and pay to park. Don’t believe me? Ask FedEx.

There are so many worthy charitable causes to consider for road closures, but why do they all have to be on the streets of downtown, truly baffles me?

The city encouraged development downtown to get residents jammed into every orifice imaginable, and their answer to congestion is bike lanes. Remove the parking spaces, build condos everywhere and people will cycle all year long! Brilliant!!

Buyers are starting to pay notice. Maybe downtown is a good place to rent. But not buy?

How have the roads we all pay to travel, walk and ride on have become all but ignored? When Adam Vaughan was a city councilor it was his hair brained idea to take the two roads best set up to move traffic, Richmond and Adelaide Streets and bring them to a crawl. Did I miss Adam’s advanced degree in Urban Planning?

Drivers are feuding with cyclists; cyclists are feuding with drivers and pedestrians; police are never anywhere to be seen, and above all the nitwits at city hall are planning their next taxi rally.

Keep putting up with this crap people of Toronto and you know what will be in store for us. Rob Ford 2.0.

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