16 March 2015 ~ 0 Comments

Spring Market Strong as Sales Surge

The Spring market continues to show strong results as well priced new listings are being snapped up in days, and sometimes even hours!

The confidence amongst buyers is high, as sales across all of the pockets I follow and work in are doing very well. Houses in the Toronto area continue to shine as well as demand pockets in the most desirable of our suburbs. Oakville and parts of Vaughan centered around GO transit lines are seeing houses being snapped up, almost always in multiple offers with anxious and determined buyers.

Condo sales continue to be strong with price points of under $375,000 and over $750,000 doing exceptionally well.

For the most part, sellers seem to be realistic on pricing, and well-informed buyers are not going crazy (well there are the exceptions) paying unrealistic prices.

The condo rental market is also very strong, but remember that when looking at potential condos for investment purposes only, the factors can vary on what makes for a good investment unit.

I think the next few months are going to continue to be strong with activity, as I know some of my buyers are rushing to beat the insanity of what is going to ensue once the PanAm games arrives in July.

For more specific area statistics contact me directly.

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