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10 Haunted Places to Visit in Toronto

Truth or scare? Toronto can be seriously spooky, and we’re not just talking about its politics. Although Toronto is a relatively young city by international standards, we seem to have crammed a decent amount of murder and mayhem into our brief but vivid history. Throughout the city, there are ghostly hauntings all year round. With Halloween right around the corner, here is a list of ten places in the city that have a reputation of being haunted. Visit if you dare!

Gooderham & Worts Distillery
Now known as the Distillery District) has such a great name for a haunted location, it would be a shame if it wasn’t. Luckily (or unluckily, depending on your perspective), James Worts apparently continues to show up for work at the former mill, opening and closing doors (and occasionally walking through them), banging around, playing with the lights, and giving workmen and visitors some scary surprises. (Near Parliament and Mill streets.)

Glendon College
Glen College (including Glendon Hall, the Hilliard residence and the Wood manor) has been the site of numerous seemingly supernatural occurrences, including sightings of a mysterious female figure in the rose garden by the library, voices in the basement, the “sense” of a hanging body at the staircase, and a residence room where occupants wake up to find unexplained markings on their legs. (York University, Glendon Campus. 2275 Bayview Avenue)

Queen’s Park
Before it was home to the Ontario legislature, the grounds of Queen’s Park belonged to a psychiatric hospital. Three different apparitions, all women, are rumoured to haunt Queen’s Park: a sorrowful ‘white lady’, a maiden in a checkered dress who holds her apron over her face, and a hanging woman in the long tunnel in the basement. There have also been reports of a regimental soldier descending the grand staircase of the main hall. (111 Wellesley Street West)

The Keg Mansion
Built in 1868, this grand house on Jarvis St. was once the home to Toronto’s most elite families, the McMasters and the Masseys. The Keg bought it in 1976 to turn it into a restaurant. Ghostly encounters have occurred around the central staircase and the second floor women’s washroom. Hearing phantom footsteps and seeing a male ghost child playing on the stairs may be included gratis with your steak dinner. (515 Jarvis Street)

Old Fort York
Old Fort York (including the Garrison, the Centre Blockhouse and the Officer’s Quarters) saw much horrible carnage over three separate battles, and visitors and staff have reported odd noises, presences, and visitations—including a ghostly woman visiting the Officer’s Quarters, and a red-coated guard near the entrance and in the barracks. (100 Garrison Road)

Spadina House
Staff and visitors to Spadina House have been treated to some benign supernatural appearances, including—in the non-public areas— a grey, ghostly mass that may or may not be associated with, of all things, a taxidermist’s mounted wolf that’s on display. (285 Spadina Road)

Ryerson Theatre School
Ryerson Theatre School, formerly a pharmaceutical college with an on-site morgue, has long been the site of whisperings, voices, presences, cold spots, light fluctuations, and occasional sightings of the figure of a woman in white. (44/46 Gerrard Street East)

St. Michael’s Hospital
St. Michael’s Hospital is Toronto’s preeminent haunted hospital, with reports of a male figure walking up and down through the back filing room in the medical records office, and numerous encounters with a faceless nun—Sister Vincenza or “Vinnie” to her colleagues—who visits the patients of the seventh floor, pulling blankets over them and keeping watch through the night. (30 Bond Street)

University College
University College at the University of Toronto is home to one of the city’s great enduring legends, the untimely death (and apparent return) of cuckolded stonemason Ivan Reznikoff, who attempted to murder his co-worker and romantic rival Paul Diablos with an axe and fell from the building’s tower to his demise. Sir Allen Aylesworth supposedly spoke to the unsettled spirit when he was a student, which lends this colourful tale some much-needed credence. (University of Toronto Downtown Campus)

Old City Hall
The spirits appear to be a little more aggressive in their attention seeking at Old City Hall, where judges have felt unseen hands tugging at their robes and staff have heard moans in the attic. One of the courtrooms is reputed to be haunted by those who were among the last to hang in Canada. (60 Queen Street West)

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