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Latest “must haves” in condos priced between $750,000 – $1 million dollars

For years now the standard condominium has become the option of choice for the majority of first time buyers. Various reasons have led to this reality, but what are condominium buyers looking for today when purchasing a condo in a price range that is not targeted to the first time buyer?

In my experience working with both buyers and sellers in the $750,000-$1 million price range, here are some of the sought after “must haves” they desire.

Outdoor space
Terraces or any outdoor space that can accommodate added areas for entertaining friends or lounging around reading a book are at the top of the list. Landscaping outdoor space is becoming more popular as owners look to turn their drab concrete and glass palaces into dreamy outdoor oasis’s.

Corner units
This may seem like an obvious one, but I’m seeing buyers increasingly ask for this as a must have! Many of these buyers are experienced condo lifestyle consumers and seek out the benefits of having multiple views and added natural light.

High ceilings
Nine feet has quickly become the norm while ten feet is even better. Higher puts you in an even more exclusive club!

Mid rise buildings. Boutique style buildings with floor heights ranging from ten to twenty stories, and unit numbers ranging from fifty to one hundred units can help foster a community feel.

Usable gyms and yoga rooms
It can be hit and miss in some smaller condo buildings to have a practicable space for a gym equipped with weights, cardio equipment and space to stretch. If you find it, consider yourself lucky. A separate room for yoga and stretching is a plus.

Ample storage space both inside and outside your unit
As buyers gravitate to longer term living in a condominium, many come to seek out ample storage space for not only everyday items, but also for their seasonal gear. Ski’s, snowboards, golf clubs, holiday decorations need to be stored somewhere, and this buying demographic do it all!


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