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Who Earns What In Real Estate

Macleans online recently posted an article detailing what the average income of the top 5%-10% earner’s were for some of the professions that relate to the real estate industry.

An average garbage collector in Calgary makes more than a Realtor in Toronto! Which doesn’t surprise me as of recent count, there were over 38,000 agents in the Toronto Real Estate Board. Part time, full time, semi retired and the plain old unsuccessful ones it turns out, many may be better off doing something else for a living.

I’ve often said to friends and clients over the years that the real estate sales business can be a very rewarding one, if you are willing to work incredibly hard with no guarantee of earning a living, all the while being responsible financially for both your business expenses as well as your living expenses. Advice that applies to most self employed professions, I guess.

Not all agents are a alike, and we certainly all don’t offer the same level of service and results. Take the time to interview a few different agents, and then select the one best suited for your needs. After all, buying or selling real estate is most likely the biggest investment you will ever make.

To see what the average income of the top 3800 Toronto agents is…Click here to find out

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