10 January 2013 ~ 0 Comments

Springtime Blues in January

The beginning of another new year calendar year is upon us and the January real estate market is already starting to heat up!

My Buyer clients that I am working with have hit the keyboard running and on a daily basis I am back out showing homes and condos in the Toronto neighbourhoods I love and enjoy so much. My Seller clients are extremely happy that the showings of their homes, are active and plentiful with motivated buyers (serious buyers and not vultures) filling these shorter light filled days of January.

The Toronto real estate market, like other markets I’m certain with similar climates, goes into a mini-thaw from the beginning of December until sometimes as late as March. March comes along and the “busy spring market” is upon us in full force!

But this year so far it reminds me of last, and the one before that where in January buyers started looking at homes and by February we were in full force of the spring market. I seem to think the weather has something to do with it along with of course an overall healthy economic picture in the city.

I guess we will have to wait and see if it holds up or not over the next few months but if it does it could mean another busy and active front end of the year market like we experienced in 2012.

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