07 January 2012 ~ 0 Comments

Is Selling Your Home in December or January a Good Thing To Do?

Many buyers out looking for a home in the real estate market we continue to be in (between a balanced and sellers market) often wish sellers looking to sell would list their home for sale during the early winter months and not wait until the spring time to do so.

The spring market typically starts in February and goes strong through early to mid June. But there are many good reasons (read $$$) for those looking to sell to start listing their homes in December or January.

For starters there is often less competition amongst sellers so chances are good your home will get great exposure from co-operating agents working with buyers. Another added benefit is that most buyers who are out looking for homes in December and January are the most serious of buyers who can be extremely motivated.

Think about it. Only the most die hard buyer is going to want to trek through the snow and sleet, all bundled up from head to toe, to be out looking at houses. Typically they will be selective in what they want to view because regardless of how desperate they may need a new home it is not the most pleasant experience having to remove your boots, scarf, jacket and mittens over and over again!

Now for sellers not only do they get a more serious and motivated buyer they also get to show off their home at a time when the majority of people are in a great mood (think holiday cheer!) Plus the snow is typically in it’s still white-as-can-be stage and if your lucky enough to have a fireplace it’s pretty much a  done deal. Throw in a few freshly baked cookies to the mix and you might have buyers fighting over your house!

The pricing strategy when listing your home might change but the benefits can be overly positive. Too numerous to make note of here. So keep it in mind if you are thinking of making a move in the next six months, December or January might be a great place to start.

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