12 January 2011 ~ 0 Comments

January and it feels like spring

This morning as I was driving to our local real estate board for my companies monthly office meeting I couldn’t help thinking how on January 5th it was roughly zero degrees out and the sun was shinning strong!

The nice weather (well nice by Toronto winter standards at least) is welcome to me in more ways than one. You see when the weather outside isn’t frightful (please forgive me) and instead is delightful it makes for an active real estate market.

Sellers are encouraged that buyers will be out searching for a home and not stuck inside due to a snowstorm. And buyers are motivated to beat the “spring buying rush” that typically have seen multiple offers (bids) over the past seven spring markets.

During the fall I try and poll my clients to see who will be considering selling in the next year. The reason I do this is that like our current weather conditions this can lead to a great opportunity to sell and buy. And since many sellers are repeat buyers it pays to be ready.

As a seller if you are going to buy first before you sell it’s comforting to know that your house is prepped and ready to go when need be. I have three seller/buyer clients who as of Monday are ready to accelerate their buying plans. I’m certain when the spring market plays out they will find themselves happy with their decision to do so and I’m also certain financially they will have benefited positively as well.

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