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Home Inspectors Update Qualification Requirements


I recently came across the article below and all I can say is…it’s about time! This is so long overdue I’m surprised it hadn’t already happened five years ago.

Read and let me know your thoughts? I will post a blog on my thoughts as well.

Reprinted from www.propertywire.ca

Recognizing the volatile times we live in, and in anticipation of the possibility of provincial mandatory licensing coming in after next year’s provincial election and new legal requirements for labour mobility coming in to force on December 15, 2010, members of Ontario’s leading home and building inspection association have set the wheels in motion to make changes to its qualification and certification system for inspectors.

At a recent special meeting of The Ontario Association of Home Inspectors (OAHI) in Mississauga voted to amend standards, including updating qualification requirements- which will in turn ready them for Mandatory Certification and Interprovincial Trade Mobility Requirements.
Referring to the Ontario Labour Mobility Act (2009) which in part drove the changed requirements which the Special Meeting considered, every Ontario regulatory authority, of which OAHI is one, shall…

“(a)  ensure that the process it follows in establishing or amending occupational standards for the occupations for which it is authorized to grant an authorizing certificate is conducive to labour mobility within Canada;
(b)  take steps to reconcile differences between the occupational standards it has established for an occupation and occupational standards in effect with respect to the same occupation in the other provinces and territories of Canada that are parties to the Agreement on Internal Trade; and
(c) ensure that the occupational standards it establishes for each occupation for which it is authorized to grant an authorizing certificate are consistent with such common interprovincial or international occupational standards as may have been developed for that occupation.”

OAHI has changed its requirements for its levels of qualification and certification to meet the National Occupational Standard for the Professional Home and Property Inspector Occupation- which is recognized by Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation and the Human Resources and Social Development Canada as the required standard.  This standard is recognized across Canada and forms the foundation for qualification and certifying home inspector organizations in across the provinces. OAHI has increased its already aggressive qualification standards, and facilitated mobility of inspectors to and from Ontario.

Meanwhile, the association sets the benchmark for qualifications that may be called upon if certified home inspection becomes mandatory in Ontario, as per recommendations from panels chaired by the Fire Marshal and the Chair of Ontario Chiefs of Police.
Additionally, they voted to include a mandatory upgrading requirement for the senior certification level “Registered Home Inspector “ to recognize  that learning is a continual event, and needs to be driven by updated frequently with the introduction of new building codes and emerging inspection themes or service needs such as energy efficiency, water conservation, building materials and systems, or construction technologies.

The intention is to increase the level of consumer protection that quality inspection and advisory services afford Ontarians.

President Robin Green said: “Who couldn’t admire a group that would take such bold moves within a self-regulatory association?  It is a proud moment!”

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