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Building wealth through real estate investing


I recently took ownership of a loft I purchased as new construction in March 2007 and it got me thinking about my property investment portfolio and also the dozens of clients whom I have helped purchase similar investments over the years.

Although the bulk of my time is spent assisting buyers and sellers with their residential principal residence needs I have personally been buying investment real estate for myself and clients for the past twelve years. Mainly I have focused on duplexes, triplexes, condos or lofts and the odd small commercial building.

About seven years ago in my monthly newsletter to my clients I started discussing the financial benefits and possibilities of owning one single condominium unit. What would their future look like? Now my client demographic is mainly made up of 25 to 45 year old’s and most would find it difficult to come up with extra money to invest in a single property let alone a second one.

By working the numbers and by walking-the-talk myself I would show who ever was interested on how to achieve great results. From going over everything to look for in what makes a good investment property (and there are so many variables to consider here depending on your level of commitment and expertise) to how to find and select a tenant (or have me do so) and much more.

Today I personally own eight investment properties and have bought and sold another dozen. The thing I’m equally if not more proud of  is that two dozen of my clients in the past seven years have also followed my lead and took the steps of building their wealth through real estate investing.

Ask yourself this. What would your life look like in fifteen years if you owned an additional $200,000-$400,000 of real estate paid for? Extra money to be used to assist your children with the cost of university? Or to help pay for that second property to be used when you retire? Maybe just bank the cash and live off the interest and draw down to supplement your retirement income as well?

Whatever the reasons your options are plentiful. With the right plan, right purchase and realistic expectations I would be happy to show you how to achieve this. I’m going to make it a goal to help ten of my current clients in 2011 achieve a higher level of wealth through owning real estate investments. If you have any questions let me know?

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