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Hey Mike we want to sell our home (part 3 and yes final part!)


Okay so how does the rest of my appointment go? Well two and a half hours later (yes you read correct!) my clients are now much more educated about their options on selling their home. At this time I tell them I’m not offering the low flat fee service model of “list you and leave you” and that I am sticking with the model I have been using for over fifteen years successfully looking out for my clients biggest financial asset. Sure I could take a couple of thousand dollars from you and say “all the best” and guarantee myself a nice little annual income. But only I would be winning in this scenario. I would rather stick by the formula that I know works and is of benefit to all involved. I have always offered a variety of commission fee options that my clients are free to choose from and have been a bit of an industry leader on this in my opinion. It must work because for the past eight years 94% of my entire business has come from past clients and the referrals they so kindly introduce me to.

My clients tell me on the spot that they believe in me and know I’m the best real estate sales person to represent their needs. Was it the reminiscing of looking back and seeing that they now will be about $100,000 richer in price appreciation alone on the home they were filled with uncertainty about buying five years ago? Maybe? Or could it be that I empathised with them and agreed that in theory we would all like to save money or pay less for certain things. But at what cost I asked them? In the food we eat? What risks do we subject ourselves to by eating old or inproperly prepared food? How about if we get falsely accused of committing a crime. Do we go searching for the cheapest ambulance chasing Lawyer to represent us in our impending incarceration? I think not. So please next time you go looking for a real estate sales representative to assist you with the complex and costly transaction of selling your home take ownership for your choice. If you hire the wrong person and especially for the wrong reason please suffer in silence. I have zero pity for you. But if you choose to select from one of the qualified, professional full time Realtors that make assisting sellers and buyers with their needs and make YOUR interests their number one priority then rest in comfort you will be in great hands. They do exist. How do I know? It’s been fifteen years and I’m still going strong with a smile. So I must know a thing or two. 🙂

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