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Hey Mike we want to sell our home (part 1)


Today I had a listing appointment with past clients of mine who purchased a house with my assistance four and a half years ago. They were first time buyers back then and I still remember vividly on the night of our offer presentation the frantic nerves and anxiety as the reality of being involved in a multiple offer situation (media slang would be bidding war) was quickly settling in.

That night almost five years ago we ended up competing against six other interested buyers (yes the house was purposely listed below market value to attract such a scenario) and our offer ended up being the one chosen by the sellers as the best offer.

My clients were elated with joy that they had just bought their first home together and would be starting a new phase in their lives. I also remember vividly the next morning reassuring them that their actions from the night before was not a mistake as I spoke for twenty minutes calming them down. I reminded them that we stuck to our original plan on price, we covered our risks by doing our home inspection in advance and ensuring our financing would not be a problem. We came to the table educated and prepared. The sellers choose our offer because it was the best offer overall (we weren’t even the highest in price but close enough) and we had been the most thorough in all areas of concern.

I also reminded them that it may seem on the surface that all real estate agents are alike and what you get from one you would get from all, but in reality this is far far from the truth. Only one agent would be the successful one that night. Through my experience of over fifteen years, a high level of knowledge accumulated from years of  education, skills training and  assisting hundreds of other buyers; as well as an in depth understanding of the areas market values and above all else a genuine interest in being their “Real Estate Consultant For Life” that agent was me!

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